The wildebeest almost lost his life to the sharp claws of the leopard.

Fierce battle between leopard and wildebeest.

With the sharp eyes and sharp intelligence of a leopard, the leopard quickly noticed the wildebeest running around so decided to attack and take down its prey.

When they realized that a favorable opportunity had come, the leopard crossed its legs and ran quickly towards the wildebeest herd, rushing to pounce on an unfortunate wildebeest, causing the wildebeest herd to run away mathematical chaos.

However, in just a moment, the wildebeest was caught in the leopard’s palm without having time to escape even a little.

Then, the leopard frantically used its strong claws and sharp teeth to continuously scratch and devour the wildebeest’s body like hungry prey that had not eaten for a long time.

Then, the situation reversed when the leopard had to fiercely confront the wildebeest, causing the leopard to just stand and watch.

In the end, the wildebeest was lucky enough to escape.