The wild buffalo fought fiercely with the ferocious lion and had a surprising ending after the battle

The battle of the lion with the wild buffalo.

On a large field of land, a lion is intently observing the prey in front of him because in front of him is a herd of healthy buffalo.

The lion’s eyes show desire and ambition as soon as it sees delicious prey, so it has more hope of being able to attack and defeat its prey.

The lion did not hesitate for even a second but carefully observed the wild buffalo to plan a surprise attack.

After that, the crazy lion used its strong claws and sharp teeth to continuously scratch the wild buffalo’s body, causing the wild buffalo to experience extreme pain.

The wild buffalo is trying to fight back fiercely, it frantically uses its horns in the hope of pushing the lion away, but the lion is still determined to chase.

The wild buffalo was helpless, brutally abused by the lions and could not do anything against the lion’s greater strength.

In the end, the wild buffalo had to bitterly accept his tragic fate.