The unfortunate zebra died tragically on the spot in a fierce confrontation with the ferocious lion.

The battle of zebras with lions.

The lion seems to have a long-standing feud with the zebra, so today the lion decided to find the zebra to take revenge and brutally torture it.

The zebra hid in a corner to observe its prey for a long time and planned a surprise attack.

A moment later, the lion quickly pounced on the unfortunate zebra. It frantically wrestled the zebra to the ground and began torturing it up and down the field.

The zebras ran away in confusion, but one zebra unfortunately got caught in the lion’s palm and couldn’t do anything.

The lion continued to angrily tear off every piece of skin and muscle on the zebra’s body, refusing to let go even a little.

So much resentment was poured onto the zebra’s body as a harsh form of torture and revenge.

After a fierce battle, the zebra was finally helpless before the lion’s attack and the zebra had to accept his tragic fate.