The savage chase of a lion with a wildebeest and the end after a brutal battle.

The battle of lions with wildebeests.

A herd of wildebeests invited each other to participate in a competition on a river inhabited by lions.

It was the chaos of the wildebeest that attracted the lion’s gaze, causing the lion to reveal its desires and ambitions.

The lion did not hesitate for even a second, it rushed quickly and dived low like a herd of wildebeests, causing the wildebeests to run away.

Right after that, an unfortunate wildebeest was caught in the palm of its hand by a lion and could no longer escape.

The crazy lion used its strong claws and sharp teeth to continuously scratch the wildebeest’s body, causing the wildebeest to suffer severe pain.

Even though the prey is trying to struggle to escape the lion’s brutal attack, the lion still has no intention of stopping and its actions become increasingly stronger.

The wildebeest is helpless, it cannot do anything because the lion is holding it in the palm of its hand.

In the end, the wildebeest had a way to accept his tragic fate.