The lone wild buffalo fought fiercely with the wild dogs and it was over.

The fight between the jackal and the wild buffalo.

A pack of hungry jackals that had not eaten for a long time seemed to have discovered delicious prey right in front of their eyes, so the pack of wild dogs decided to attack and take down the prey.

The eyes of a good dog show desire and ambition, making the wild buffalo appear scared because of being attacked by wild dogs.

The wild buffalo quickly rushed into the water so that the wild dogs could not attack, but that was still impossible because the strength of the wild dogs was much greater.

After that, the jackal attacked, devoured every piece of the wild buffalo’s body, tore and bit continuously, causing intense pain to the buffalo.

Even though the wild buffalo are trying to fight back fiercely to escape the brutal attack of the ferocious dogs, the wild dogs still refuse to stop and their actions are getting bigger and bigger.

The wild buffalo was helpless in the face of pain and could not escape, so he bitterly accepted his tragic fate.

In the end, the wild dog succeeded in taking down its prey for a delicious meal of the day.