The lion’s merciless attack on the buffalo and the unexpected ending

The battle of the lion with the wild buffalo.

A lone, unfortunate wild buffalo was surrounded by a herd of lions, who frantically attacked the wild buffalo in a brutal and brutal manner, refusing to let the buffalo go even for a moment.

The lion’s eyes show desire and ambition when he has delicious prey in the palm of his hand and when the favorable opportunity comes, the lion does not hesitate for even a moment but rushes straight towards the prey to kill. die it. . carry out brutal and brutal attacks.

The wild buffalo tried to fight back fiercely to escape the brutal attack of the ferocious lions, but the lions refused to let go.

Each lion in turn clung to the buffalo carcass as if it had not eaten meat for a long time.

Even though the prey tried to ask the lion for forgiveness, the lions still frantically clung on and refused to stop.

In the end, the wild buffalo was wrestled to the ground by the lion without being able to do anything.