The leopard clenched its jaws, frantically swallowing the wild boar brutally.

The war of leopards and wild boars.

An unfortunate wild boar is being brutally tortured by a leopard on a large piece of land.

The leopard’s eyes show desire and ambition when he already has delicious prey in his palm, so he cannot wait even for a moment to rush to pounce on the wild boar.

The leopard frantically used its strong claws and sharp teeth to continuously scratch the wild boar’s body like hungry prey that had not eaten for a long time.

The wild boar was in pain, it tried to fight fiercely to escape the leopard’s brutal attack, but its strength became weaker and weaker because the leopard’s strength was much greater.

Even though the prey tried to scream miserably and beg for forgiveness, the leopard still refused to stop.

In the end, the wild boar had to bitterly accept his tragic fate.