Leopards frantically tore into antelope bodies, leaving no chance for the antelope to survive..

The battle of leopards with antelopes.

The leopard took slow steps towards the antelope.

When determining the opportunity had come, the leopard rushed towards the antelope herd and pounced on an unlucky antelope, causing the antelope herd to run away in chaos.

Then, the leopard frantically used its hard and sharp claws to continuously scratch the antelope’s body like hungry prey that had not eaten for a long time.

The leopard’s barbaric and cruel actions caused the antelope to cry out in pain and beg for forgiveness, but the leopard still refused to let go.

The antelope in pain tried to struggle fiercely to escape the leopard’s brutal attack, although the leopard refused to stop for even a second.

Finally, before the widespread attacks of leopards, antelopes became the leopard’s delicacy of the day.