Ferocious lions torment wild buffalo from the shore to the fields like hungry prey.

Fierce battle between lion and wild buffalo.

A wild buffalo had just been injured after a fierce battle with his companions when it accidentally caught the lion’s eye.

Lions appear hungry and ambitious when they see delicious prey.

The lion’s eyes appeared with much hope of being able to attack and defeat its prey.

Immediately, when a favorable opportunity came, the lion did not hesitate to rush forward and fiercely attack the wild buffalo, making the buffalo even more helpless.

The crazy lion used its strong claws and sharp teeth to continuously scratch the buffalo’s body like a hungry prey that had not eaten for a long time.

Not only that, the lion also pounced on the buffalo, giving the wild buffalo no chance to escape even for a moment.

The wild buffalo was extremely painful. It tried very hard to struggle and fight fiercely to escape the brutal attack of these lions, but it seemed that the lion had no intention of stopping and taking action. It gets bigger every time.

The wild buffalo was helpless, not strong enough to escape and in the end the wild buffalo had to become a delicacy for the day of the lion.